Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chocolate-Carpark is proud to announce a new additional service!

Looking to present a jewellery piece as a gift? Look no further! Take your pick from different styles of beautifully designed giftboxes to jazz up the present!

Rectangular red box
3cm by 9cm by 6cm

Appropriate for earrings and smaller bracelets!

Long lilac box
2.5cm by 20cm by 4cm

A unique way of presenting bracelets and necklaces!

Light blue square box
2cm by 9cm by 9cm

Inner lining and structure makes it really good for placing bracelets!

All boxes are available at an additional cost of S$2.50. Many colours to choose from but also subject to availability. Just let me know your preferred shape and colour and I will try to source it for you! I may introduce even more if feedback is good!